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Chapter 1

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Abigail , Abigail

Started by Leanne (owner) : “Abigail, Abigail...” I heard my name being called out. It sounded like someone was at the end of a long dark tunnel, standing there calling my name and expecting me to hear them all the way down here.

Added By Manie : Stop day dreaming Abigail and get back to work!!

Added by Leanne ( Owner ) : Goodness... dear I've done it once more... fantasizing while at work.

Added By Yvonne Bosch :

If only there is something more interesting to do at work, I believe that... the day dreaming might stop.

Added By Anonymous (This piece was submitted through the submit link ):

I come in to work day after day, after day. Daydreaming of a better like. Perhaps the time has come to make that change?....

Added By Hester Farinha:

A change! What! Yes! I need a change, but I also need the money I receive from the work I do. Concentrate Abigail, concentrate! Which way?

Added By Anonymous ( This Piece was submitted through the submit link. ) :

Wow, today seemed like one of those days that just goes on for days !! I'm beginning to think that I need a career change.

I can just hear my dad say " Abigail, you need to stay at a job you know that pays the bills "

Don't get me wrong I love my dad, but his not one for risk taking. His more like ' stay at the same job that he knows and that he can depend on ' .

Which is great for him, but not so much for me. I sometimes feel like I've been put into a box and been told to " Stay " !!!

Added By Yvonne Bosch

Or maybe, I figure I should take his advice... you know, sometimes the word of the old people, no, not old, hmmm, older people is of good judgement. I know what I've got and, yeah, I know I can pay my bills if I use my brain and stop day dreaming!!! Sometimes the grass looks far more greener on the other side

Added By Anonymous (submitted through the submit link):

So alright, I've been bouncing around in my mind all week regarding what my subsequent stages throughout my life will be.

Remain, go.... Remain, go.... my, my I feel like I'm on a rounder-bout going round and round and round. And Know I'm quite nauseous.

So here goes....

I walk tall and straight transmitting certainty I most unquestionably don't feel.

I lift up my arm to knock on Mr Peppers door.

I wish I could reveal to you that my hand was not shaking.

How will this story continue? That is all up to you... Read all about how this will work HERE
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