Help me write a book.

Looking Forward To Seeing How This Book Turns Out !!

Everyone that submits work to us and it gets used will get credit in the book.
You don't even have to write a whole paragraph... you can write just one sentence if you like.

Now you may ask: "How is this going to work"?

Well, let me explain.....

I will start with the main character...
Then the floor will be open...

If you want to be part of the book, you can either leave a comment by clicking here or just submit how the story carries on from where it last stopped...

eg ... I write: “Rose was sitting looking at the rain falling against her window.“

Then you submit in the following “When suddenly she saw something in the distance.“

And the next person submits “She saw a big brown cow.“

I hope you all understand how this is going to work.

We will carry on for about 350 pages...
Then the last bit of fun will happen...

Everyone who has been part of writing this book up to now will go into a competition where the public will vote who they think must win the competition.

The winner of the competition will then write the last chapter with me.


The book will then be published with the
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